Factory ECU tuning in New Zealand

Aug 11, 2020 | ECU Tuning

Increasing power and performance starts with getting the most out of the factory ECU and components.

ECU tuning doesn’t require aftermarket parts or an expensive ECU.

Most late model cars have the ability to be reflashed.

Reflashing an ECU allows modifications to factory engine management settings via the vehicle diagnostic (OBD2) port using the same process that the car was originally programmed with.

No physical modifications are necessary, no factory components are removed, which means settings can be adjusted or reset at any time without affecting the vehicle performance.

It also allows tuning without having to physically test and retest after installing custom ECU.

It is also much cheaper to use the OEM ECU system.

Key Benefits of Factory ECU reflashing tuning

  • Uses the hardware you already own
  • Cost Effective
  • No need to spend money on an expensive ECU
  • No wires cut
  • No modified parts
  • Return to stock at any time.
  • Keep factory standard driveability.
  • Drive and start as stock (a problem for some standalone ECUs)
  • Keep factory safety features
    • Dual octane maps for fuel and ignition timing.
    • Active knock control
    • Knock protection

In House Dyno Tuning

If you are in the Taupo region, not only can we tune your OEM ECU, but by using our in-house dyno we can precisely gauge results in power and performance.

We are also steadily building our library of real life testing results. Beware of online tuners that don’t test in the real world.